Bulking and Cutting

Bulking and Cutting

I believe that I have an unreasonable aversion to losing weight. Growing up, I was a small kid. I used to have a poor appetite and I assume I have a fast metabolism. When I was in elementary school, drinking a glass of warm milk for breakfast every morning was a monumental struggle. A decade later, drinking warm milk is still a monumental struggle because warm milk is disgusting. I chug cold milk now so that the taste of milk isn’t as prominent on my taste buds.

I went to university at the age of 18 measuring 171 cm and 120 lbs. My self-consiousness regarding my weight and scrawny apperance grew linearly with my age. In my second year of university during my second co-op term in the wind-chilled winter of a February Toronto, I signed up for an outrageously overpriced $90 a month membership with Goodlife Fitness. Why not January? I spent January burning the midnight oil browsing http://www.bodybuilding.com, learning about Zyzz, and deciding on the best bang for the buck protein powder that I could afford with my measley internship earnings.

On a dark, snowy day after work, I walked into GNC with a list of brands scribbled on a postit note, determined to find my number one choice, which is the Optimum Gold whey. However, during my short stay at GNC, I was easily conviced by the GNC employee to buy the more expensive Ultimate Nutirition weight gainer. I was too shy to ask for the Optimum Gold whey. $105 was an impressive amount of money for me at the time. Back then, I cringed at the thought of buying a $2 can of coke from a vending machine due to the lack of value versus buying a 2 litre bottle of coke from the grocery store. Leaving GNC, I hurried home, embarassed that a skinny person like me is purchasing protein from GNC.

Fast forward a few years, I am confident about life, my appearance included. I bulked to a peak of 172 lbs and I am currently undergoing my first serious cut. I weigh 158 lbs now, and it is the first time I have been under 160 lbs for two and a half years. Sometimes I look in the mirror and worry whether my arms have lost an inch. However, such vain thoughts are expelled from my mind after I take out a tape measure to confirm that my biceps have not shrunk. I’m no longer a shy and self-concious person, and I look forward to my slow bulk come winter.

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