About Jennifer and Ben


What an incredibly stupid article, but I suppose much cannot be expected from a website like PopSugar. Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck both “had positive things to say about each other since their breakup”, but apparently for Jennifer Garner, following “old adage” that “looking good is the best revenge” is the best course forward. Evidently, according to the article, sourcing 25 pictures of Jennifer Garner smiling is proof enough that she has “bounced back” from her breakup.

Why on earth is there a need for revenge if the breakup seems amicable? Why must the author impose on her readers that there must be payback in a seemingly friendly separation? What if Jennifer Garner was ugly as sin? Does that mean she can she no longer achieve the best revenge if for some god-forsaken reason revenge was necessary in this mutual decision, probably made by two level-headed consenting adults? The latter cannot necessarily be said of the author. I’m certain that “looking good is the best revenge” is a recent vapid, shallow version of the original quotation by George Herbert in the 16th century, “Living well is the best revenge”, and hardly qualifies for the categorization of “old adage”.

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